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What's a digital nomad? How do I empower remote workers? Can I migrate to the cloud safely? Is it O.K. to wear trackie dacks during an important client meeting?

Get all the answers in this ripping digital yarn of an eBook. You'll see firsthand how you can (and will!) future proof your organisation by embracing digital nomadism. Skeptical? Don't be. With the combined power and speed of WVD and Azure NetApp Files, it is now possible for you and your organisation to fear less and achieve more.

We're all digital nomads now!

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Digital nomads
are the new
remote worker

Digital nomads are workers that embrace a location-independent, tech-enabled lifestyle.1 Sound familiar? It should. 3 out of 4 of us want to continue working from home for the long haul.2

Can highly regulated organisations adjust to this new normal, much less the rapid growth of digital nomads in their workforce? Don't wait for an answer. Pandemic-proof your business now by reading this eBook. You'll learn how to:

  • roll out WFH effectively and securely
  • take advantage of the efficiencies of automation with WVD
  • overcome "cloud paralysis" using Azure NetApp Files
  • get easier management, scalability and predictable spend
  • align your organisation with the rise of digital nomadism

What's Inside

Stop out-of-control
cloud spend

See how LAB3 helped a highly regulated organisation save over $30,000 per month by rationalising Microsoft Azure services.

Roll out WFH

Fearing less and achieving more is much easier with a fully scalable environment that caters to the needs of your digital nomads.

Escape the clutches
of cloud paralysis

Learn how effortless it can be to migrate intensive desktop and mission-critical HPC applications to a modern platform.